Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Lobster for Christmas

What's the difference between a French Christmas and an American one?

(Besides the fact that they call it Noël and we call it Christmas.)

Liver paste for a starter and not cranberry sauce, raw oysters and huge lobsters as opposed to huge turkey and honey baked ham, Christmas cake from a famous bakery and not homemade pumpkin pie, and no mashed potatoes! Yeah, that is what is different.

Christmas was wonderful. It was so much better than I thought it would be. I had secretly been dreading the thought of spending another awkwardChristmass with another foreign family. However, I had also known that if I didn't spend it with someone who was happy then I would be unhappy for weeks afterwards.

So, I spent the day with Jb and his family and all I can say is that they are an awesome bunch of people. Even though I am pretty much unable to communicate with them in their own language, and I don't have any funny stories about the past like they do, I still felt like they wanted me to be included in the fun. They gave me presents for cripes sake! I wasn't expecting that at all. I felt kind of silly because all I had gotten for them was a box of chocolates. (They were really nice chocolates, but still if I had known, things would have been different!)

*Mental note to self: Don't believe Jb, next time he tells me that all I need to bring is chocolates.

There was so much chocolate given and received in the form of gifts that you could probably kill 25- 30 dogs with it. (If you were really mean, and or liked killing dogs. Which by the way I am not predisposed to doing, unless they are eating the chicken on my families farm, then I am.) Two huge, oh, wait let me make that, HUGE, jars of Nutella were given, as well as multiple boxes of various chocolate. Hmmm...I think perhaps the family has an addiction? I like them even more now.

Anywho, it was an awesome time and I am glad that I was able to spend it with such great people.

In other news:
Life is still good and I am glad that I am on vacation still. I have been sleeping till all hours of the day/afternoon, and I love it! He he he, sleep is great.
I talked to my Pop and two little sisters today on the phone as well as Mrs. Slattery and Colleen for a bit. I just kept babbling on and on, so I think perhaps they think I am insane, but I don't mind.
I also got a phone call from my very good friend Ewa this evening! I haven't heard her voice in 6-7 months so I was super surprised when she called me, out of the blue. Actually, I was even more surprised by the call 'cause I was in the bath. I didn'trecognizee her voice at first and she thought that was funny. I felt like a fool.
Nothing new there though, as I am almost daily participating in a situation of feeling not as smart as I usually do, because Jb is smarter than me and I find that is weird.
I got an invitationn from aunt Bethany to come out and see her and uncle Dave this summer when I am home in the states and I think that would be really fun to do. I feel fairly distant from all of my aunts and uncles, and cousins, and what have you. It will be nice to get to know a little more about the Krump blood.

I'm gonna go watch Ushuaïa with Jb now. Its a nature show kind of like a National Geographic type deal. Very cool if I do say so myself! It goes all over the world and into the most beautiful and exotic places.

By the way: Yes, I do realize that I have been a very bad blogger of late, but as there is no way that any of you can punish me for my lack of words, (as Nelson of The Simpsons says,) "Ha ha!"

P.s Thank you to all my many friends for visiting me here and saying hello. However, if another person who has been a real part of my past asks me if I remember them I am going to screem! Of course I remember you! As the saying goes: "Elephants never forget!" I'm glad you are doing ok Meg. Write me a real email sometime won't you?

Happy, belated, Christmas everybody! Have a wonderful New Year!


Angel Roth said...

Joyeux Noel!! I am glad your Christmas was happy, Havilah. Lobster and no mashies? No wonder they're so much skinnier than U.S. And the idea of raw oysters makes me drool. Have a happy new year!! Ttyl!

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Havilah,
Je viens de lire ton texte du 29 décembre et c'est très amusant.
je suis contente que tu es aprréciée notre hospitalité et l'invitation de mes parents à venir passer Noël avec nous.

j'espère bientôt te revoir.

Grosses bises.


Katherine Surmanski said...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, Havilah!!!

Hey, ;-), no fair. You got the New Year six hours ahead of us!

I know I haven't left a comment before, but I've been keepin' up with your blog for the past few months, and enjoying all your adventures!

Will you be in North America during the summer at all?