Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A gold ring, a lone girl, a visitor or 5, and a gold fish.

Melissa Vanvorde and Justin Enfield are engaged!

Oh, soo cool! They are an awesome couple and I am happy for them both. I knew them both before they even liked each other. Individaully cool, but absolutely awesome as a couple. Their kids are going to have the best senses of humer ever!

So, I seem to be one of the few that escaped Ave Maria without getting engaged. Mwah ha ha ha! Wait, is that a good thing? I dunno, I suppose that if I was meant to love someone there then I would, so it must be a good thing, otherwise I would be in a bad situation. So, my being "Oh, soo single" is really a good thing, it just means that I still have to wait till "he" figures out what God wants.

*"Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"...Oops, I mean: waiting. Yes, that's better. "Just keep waiting, just keep waiting..."*

No big deal. I can handle being alone... As long as I have a friend or two to bide my time with. Wait, I guess that means that I can't really handle being alone. Noo! I am not one of those people am I? No, I can't be, because if I have a book, or a computer to interact with then I can be alone no problem. Ok. So, maybe I am a little bit of a needy person. But so what? Lots of people are. No big deal, right? I mean there are people that are worse than me. They are the clingy ones. Eeew gross: Clingons. :)

So, in other news: This past week has been pretty interesting.

Marissa M., dropped by last, Saturday night, no I mean the one before that, with two other Ave Florida girls. They stayed at my place on sat. night and left for Gaming again on Sunday morning. I enjoyed having them over. They took some good pictures, and I am still waiting for them to email some to me so that I can post 'em up here.

Last Friday, 4 days ago, Angels little sister, Bernadette, stopped by as well. At first it was kind of weird, because we had never really hung out before. I guess I was just expecting her to be like Angel, but of course she is her own being, and anyways how could the world have two Angels! It wouldn't be able to handle them. I turns out that we get along really well and she stayed till Sunday night; We had a few little adventures, thanks mostly to J.b., but I also had a small hand in it. For instance,at my urging, we sneaked/snook into The Louvre on Saturday evening just before it closed. Mona Lisa for free.

On Saturday afternoon, while dragging Bernadette with me, I met up with an old friend of mine from Ireland, Stephanie. She is French, but from the west, and she was in Paris to visit some of her other friends that have moved here. It was good to see her, we haven't seen each other in 6 months. However, she was very preoccupied, with finding a sweater for a party that she was attending that evening, so it wasn't exactly what I had hoped it would be. This is life. You miss someone and want to see them and then when you do they are to busy with other friends, or clothes, to really even talk.

This Sunday, the old nounou of the Delile family flew in from New York. It will be cool to finally meet her. We have talked on the phone a couple times, and IM more than a few times. She seems like a really cool girl. She is busy writing a paper for school right now, but maybe tomorrow we will hang out.

Yesterday I had a good day, but then a not so good evening with Laure, the youngest. I really need to work on figuring her out a little more. She was really just a little monster. I think Lydie was right, I should stop trying to use the reward system on her, it just doesn't work. She just gets even more upset. Blah! It always used to work for me when I was little.

Today I am typing out a list of songs that I think J.b. should download onto his iPod. That ipod is so cool, it is an invaluable part of our walking about. On the metro, Bernadette said that we were like Siamese twins joined at the ear. Which is funny, because it is true. What's really funny is when we start singing along and no one else can hear the song. We are such geeks.
I just tried to put some links in my side bar, but I failed. I will fix that tomorrow if I have the patience then. So, yeah life is still good, even though I didn't get a chance to buy a goldfish yet.

I really want a gold fish!


Mel said...

:D I love you, Havilah

good luck with your goldfish!!!

Mel said...

:D I love you, Havilah

Justin and I found some old pics of you a couple weeks ago, I miss you!!!

good luck with your goldfish :)

The Alpha Crow said...

Awe thanks Havilah. That's so nice of you to say.

Bernadette said...

argh! we should have got that fish saturday! oh well, I'm sure you'll get him soon. just write it on your hand and make it a point, go for only the fish.

ah...I feel like a celebrity. The only other person to mention me on their blog was Angel. yay!

Angel Roth said...

Oi am so flattered! Hava when ya coming back? Thanks for taking Bunnydette into your home. I- never mind, I will write a big e-mail.