Thursday, December 15, 2005

Two pictures I just stole from Bernadettes blog!

Bad Bernadette! How could you post them before you even sent them to me! Now I have had to steal them from your blog in order to put them on mine! The things I have to go through just to get pictures from people with digital cameras! Hrmph. I tell ya, hardship is not having a camera myself.

Anywho, here is a nice blurry one that Jb took of Bernadette and I being dramatic infront of my favorite tower. Yes, I see her every, single, day! But I still think she is beautiful!

Yeah, I think she has only bad pictures. Ha ha ha, we look pathetic! But there you go world! Now you know what Jb looks like. Bernadette and I decided that he kind of looks like a Bratz doll. after note, this picture was taken moments before I fell down the stairs in LaFayette Shopping centre. Stupid skirts!

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Bernadette said...

well, that's my way of getting them to you. I knew already you had my blog site. unfortunately that's about all my people pictures from Paris, in fact, I posted all my decent people pictures already...I'm too polite when it comes to photos. I should just post the ugly pictures and have done with it!

(I have some really nice scenery shots...scenery doesn't complain when you photo it.)