Thursday, December 01, 2005

I should be doing something better with my time!

Instead, currently I am in the process of memorizing the words to "L'Hymne De Nos Campagnes" by Tryo. It is in French, but JB lent the cd to me yesterday and said that I should learn the refrain, so I said that I would learn the whole song. Yeah, just watch me chew this bite. It's a cool song though and if I could make the sound byte thingy work I would post some of it for those of you in the States to hear. I suggest that you look it up if you have time. You can ask google to translate it for you if you want.

In other news:

I love the bath tub in the Deliles home. I can float in it, and if I want to add more hot water I can just use my toes to turn the nobs! The best tub ever.

I think I will dye my hair again, I will just go a bit darker. I thought I had gotten rid of the blonde in October, but the other day, in an elavator, I showed JB my drivers license. The picture had me with short dark hair, and he was surprised, "But your not blonde?" To which I replied that I am not blonde now either, just light brown. He said I was too blonde! Apparently I hadn't noticed but I had become blonde again. I guess the permanent color just kept fading so slowly that I didn't see it happening. Why won't the dark color stay in my hair! I'm gonna try to be my regular brunette self again soon. The dye is only 5 euro, so why not?

Today I added up how many of those tests I have taken on Tickle and I came to the number 122. Can you imagine how many hours I must have spent on that sight by now? I'm disgusted with myself! I have been taking them for 3 years now. (I dunno, some of theresults are funny.)If anyone wants to they can check out what I am like, according to Tickle. It tells you such things as my IQ, what type of secrets I keep burried, whether I am right brained or left, what my handwritting says about me, and other various things. Go for it people. I am done with Tickle now anyways, I don't like how much I have been on there lately, so I give you free reign to mess with my profile if you want, and even take weird tests yourself with my profile if you want. I'm gonna delete it in a month or so anyways. Here is the link for you: To sign in use havilah17 and maggie as the password.

Bonjour, Celine! Je suis étonné de voir votre note. Drôle! Jb indiquent à moi que votre sont une soeur très bonne. Je serai heureux de vous rencontrer. Merci de l'invitation. Peut-etre je vous vois dans Noël. (pour maintenant, il est très difficile d'ecrire en français!)

Hello to Kate Slattery as well! Crazyness that I get two notes from my friends big sisters on the same day. Good to hear from you! Mary told me about Ireland. I think that is an awesome opportunity for you. You know you are more than welcome to come visit France, and me, if you get some spare time and 20 euro for the flight! I have a spare bed and I could show you the little bit of this city that I do know.

I will now proceed to try and find a photo booth to get 4 pictures taken in order to give to la prefecture. I should get my long stay visa when I finish with this last part of the application. It will be really nice to finally have it. Gotta run!

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Kate said...

We used to sing "Les anges de nos campagne" in my home parish every Christmas. One of the Quebecois ladies would drill us on the pronunciation, and we'd write out all the words phonetically to get it right. It was fun. :-) We also sang Silent Night in German. "Stille nacht, heilige Nacht"....