Friday, July 14, 2006

Angled Bunnies and Shotgun wounds, oh my!

So, if you are interested in meeting Pirates, singing along with Les Miserables, being climbed on by multiple little children, seeing the first Zoo in america, looking at famous French paintings of places that I have been to, going up a tower that is half the size of the Eifle Tower and for free, visiting Valley Forge, swimming in YMCA pools, swimming in family owned pools, swordfighting, being waited on, litterally, hand and foot by a whole family of, very attactive and thoroughly gentlemanly but able to work in the grease and weeds at the same time, young men, shooting a bow, shooting a crossbow, shooting German handguns from WWII, shooting skeets with 30 gauge shotguns, and then going bowling with your sore shoulder and being basically totally overwhelmed by all the goodwill that one family can shower apon you, all you need to do is come visit the famous Angle and Bunny and their wonderful family of Rothchildren and parents.

Need I say more?
These are from Valley Forge

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Woot! Woot! Woot! Go France!


It's the Final today starting at 9pm in France,
or at 2pm here in Philly.
you may all rejopice and sing praises to God,
for I am in America again and still alive!

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Let's get restarted ?

( jb's post )

Perhaps as you don't know , France won the World Cup in 1998 .

Here's a scene of the ambiance on the Champs Elysées after the Final against Brasil ( 3-0 )

Here's one of the best soccer player ever ( maybe the best ?? ) , Zinedine Zidane ( known as ZiZou )

Last night we've just won the 1/4 final against brasil ( 1-0 ) and we all hope we're going to win the cup again !!

Here's a video taken in stadium in Paris ( big screen ) after Zidane's goal during France-Spain (3-1 ) 1/8 final .

Now next match is against Portugal ( semi-final ) , and maybe the final ( against Germany or Italy ).


( I hope finding a french bar in NY or philadelphia so I could watch the french team win the World Cup !! )