Sunday, July 02, 2006

Let's get restarted ?

( jb's post )

Perhaps as you don't know , France won the World Cup in 1998 .

Here's a scene of the ambiance on the Champs Elysées after the Final against Brasil ( 3-0 )

Here's one of the best soccer player ever ( maybe the best ?? ) , Zinedine Zidane ( known as ZiZou )

Last night we've just won the 1/4 final against brasil ( 1-0 ) and we all hope we're going to win the cup again !!

Here's a video taken in stadium in Paris ( big screen ) after Zidane's goal during France-Spain (3-1 ) 1/8 final .

Now next match is against Portugal ( semi-final ) , and maybe the final ( against Germany or Italy ).


( I hope finding a french bar in NY or philadelphia so I could watch the french team win the World Cup !! )


katja said...

yay! You found me. I read your blog lots and Meg and I both still love you!!! ;-)

When exactly will you be in the US? Alas, it's not me keeping Meg in Canada but her economics and poli sci classes (she's taking several summer classes and I have five). And the classes won't be over until mid-August...

but, if you ever find yourself near Ontario...

and are you still thinking of maybe coming to school in the US?

thanks for postin' on my blog...and I hope your trip goes absolutely marvellously well. Are you going to see any other Aves while you're in the country?

Steve said...

I'm sure you will find a place to watch it... Just a sports bar with lots of tv's probably would do, though you might have to finagle a way to get a soccer game on one vs a baseball game or something. I would think any local ABC station would be covering it since I was watching world cup coverage on ours yesterday. Portugal beat England in OT penalty kicks, but I totally missed France vs Brazil. I'll bet it was a great game.

The Last Balancer said...

Soccer. yaaaaaay. ._.

Corwin does not understand.