Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Too much to write about! But isn't that cool, I have had over 800 visits to my blog.

I wish I had just jotted down what was happening when it was happening. ut of course I didn't. I am the ultimate procrastinator!

Let me just give you a nice little Top 10 List I want to talk about:

(In no particular order)

1.) JB is my Boyfriend again and is much more given to spontanious kisses now. Which is Super-D-duper in my book! (Thanks to Paul for the advice!)
2.) Was told I was being taken to a Coca-Cola factory, last Sunday. I new I was being bluffed, but I still wasn't ready for how cool a place I was really being taken to. (See pictures below of Pierrefonds Castle!)
3.) Went to a party in a center for Musculation. A couple of friends of JBs were had a big surprise birthday party thrown for them. It was fun, except that the music was all hard techno in the beginning, and then later when it was better, only JB, Stephan, Elisa, and I were really dancing. Which was still cool, but it would have been more fun if everyone was!
4.) Last Wednesday I saw my first live concert of a French musician, and it was for free too! Jb and I were walking down the street, heading towards his house after seeing a movie, when this guy stopped us and asked us if we wanted tickets to the concert that was just about to start in the theatre at the end of the block. We said no thanks, because we thought that he was trying to sell them to us, but as it turns out his girlfriend didn't want to go after all, or wasn't feeling well, or something, and he just wanted to give them to us. So we took them and instead of continuing to walk home we walked into the theatre and watched a really cool concert for 2 hours or so. At my request JB took two photos for me, but the didn't turn out very well at all. (See blurry shadowy things below)
5.) Saw the movie "Fun with Dick and Jane" or "Braqueurs Amateurs" is the French title, and almost pissed my pants because it was so funny! I was just really in the mood for a funny/stupid movie, and it really hit the spot for me. JB was in a ball laughing several times as well, so it wasn't just me.
6.) Last night I got my situation sorted with the family I am working for. I won't have to find another family/job which is super good! Because even though there aa lotlot of other nice families around who would hire me (I know because I checked out several during these last two weeks juin casease I was going to have to leave), I would rather stay with these kids and this job. It is the best! My own place, the car, the pay, the kids, the free timeEtcetc. I can't find better, and I know I need to be more grateful to Bruno and Lydie for all they have done for me. Compared to the average au pair I am treated like royalty.
7.) This is old news, but I never wrote about it so I will now: JB and I were walking down near Trocadero (near The Tower) and there was this very little artificial pond. Ok nothing interesting about an artificial pond you say, but inside that artificial pond were two ducks. Still not very interesting you say, well they ducks were eating their evening meal of bread and and other junk, and they had a friend over for a visit. The friend was a Heron. Jb took a few pics, but it was too dark so he was unable to capture tmagnificencense of Frank the Heron for your viewing pleasure. (Yes, I named him Frank.) We have actually been back there several times and Frank has been there almost every time we visit. We have also seen frank at the chateau Versailles, where we chased him through a field that was really muddy and told him to go home to his little pond!
8.) Am remembering all the fun I used to have there, a lot lately. Went through all the little 'thank you' and 'I'm praying for you' notes that I received when I was there and was ready to cry when I realised how many good people I know. I am so sad that Ave Maria is dieing. I would do anything to save her and her people. (Below is a picture Katherineine Surmanski took 2 years ago at my last Ave Mardi Gras.)
9.) Am wondering what is going on with my little brother Peter; I though we were cool, bapparentlytly not. He is refusing to let me have his email address, which I really don't understand at all. Thanks go out to Gabe for trying to get it for me anyways.
10.) I have to call Great Lakes Educational Loans office today or they are going to start reporting me to credit bureaus. Can't let them ruin my credit! Bah humbug to money. I don't know how I came to owe so much! they are mad at me because I am behind in my payments by like 620 bucks, what they don't seem to realize is that I only get like 100 €uro a week! It hurts to have to pay them in dollars every month! Stupid currency exchange is a real bother too. Though I do have to say that I am glad that the €uro is worth more than the dollar right now. (See comic below depicting what the Russians thought when the €uro first overtook the American Dollar)

I gotta go now, and I didn't get those pictures uploaded yet. Bad me. I will do it in an hour after I drop the kids at their music lessons and I will predate them so they do actually physically go below this post.

God bless you all and Happy Mardi Gras! I hope you are all ready for Lent because ready or not here it comes.

By the way I have been very much out of the loop, and I want to say now, even though I realize that it is very late, that I am praying for Mr. Williams.

Monica I love you and wish I could give you a hug. I am never good at saying the right thing in sad situations, but I do want you to know that my heart physically aches for you and your family. My prayers are all I can offer, but please know that you have them in abundance. Peace be with you and yours.


The Joe said...

Hmmm ... so the pictures you claim to have put "below" just aren't there. No Heron, no concert ... no nada.

Bernadette said...

interessant...the picture caper must've come along and swiped them. That's my excuse anyway.