Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What I am not going to do.

1.) I am not going to talk to my blog audiance about being confused.
2.) I am not going to tell my blog audiance that my heart hurts.
3.) I am not going to lean on anyone.
4.) I am not going to ask for help.
5.) I am not going to cry infront of anyone.

Instead I am going to be cheerful! I am going to make you all look at pictures of... ummm... lets see what I can find here on Google... oh yeah! Great White Sharks! Today, you will all look at pictures of Great White Sharks!

Sharks are cool.
Today I am going to think about how cool sharks are and not about how
I am not good enough.

Enjoy the sharks, my peoples!

If you never heard of the Air Jaws, and Air Jaws 2. You are missing out on the coolest jumping sharks ever!

*Song for today: Feelin' the Same Way, By: Nora Jones*

The sun just slipped its note below my door

And I can't hide beneath my sheets

I've read the words before so now I know

The time has come again for me

And I'm feelin' the same way all over again

Feelin' the same way all over again

Singin' the same lines all over again

No matter how much I pretend

Another day that I can't find my head

My feet don't look like they're my own

I'll try and find the floor below to stand

And I hope I reach it once again

And I'm feelin' the same way

So many times I wonder where I've gone

And how I found my way back in

I look around awhile for something lost

Maybe I'll find it in the end

And I'm feelin' the same way...

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The Joe said...

So you weren't going to tell us what things again?

Just an e-mail