Thursday, February 16, 2006

A rose by any other name...

What's in a name?
Everything and nothing.
For the last 2 weeks I have been in a small, and somewhat silent state of confusion. You see I really like this fella JB, right, and we are also great friends. So, it gets me confused when we kiss, and start dating, but then he says he needs to think about us being guy and girlfriends.
Along comes Valentines day!
Woo hoo, I am in a state of 'no man(s) land' in the middle of the most romantic city in the world. Ah, Paris!
How you mess with my head.
At about 2pm JB rings me up and says "Hey you wanna come see a movie with my friends and me in an hour?" I say "Which one" he says: "Brokeback Mountain" I die snickering to myself but tell him, "Um, no thanks! I am outta money, and thats not really my type of movie" He then says "Ok, well you want to meet me after at my house?" I say: "Sure..." When the time is set, we both hang up, and I proceed to feel miserable for aprox. the next 3 1/2 hours.
Five minutes after the time I had told myself I must leave my house in order to arrive at the appointed time, I get in my car and proceed to drive to JB's place. Of course I have no luck in finding a spot to park, and of course he rings my phone after I appear to be 20 minutes late but in reality have been in front of his place about 20 times already and have just not found anywhere to leave my poor little car yet. So, he asks the nice man at the desk downstairs and gets the 'little secret parking place trick', and lets me into the back of the Mayors office to park. I feel silly for not calling him before instituting my buzzard ways.
Circle Circle Circle.
We proceed as normal. Up goes the elevator to the 5th floor, we walk the hall down to the 2nd door, then into the chair in front of the computer, I plop. I expect nothing. (Let me write that with a little more honesty: I told myself over, and over, and over, and over again to expect nothing. However, I still hope for maybe a rose.)
A rose would have made me soooo happy.
I proceed to check my email, as he walks to his room I say: "What are we doing tonight? Desperate Housewives?" From down the hall he says: "Nope, we are going to The Tower" This statement makes me happy. I love The Tower. She is so beautiful. I then remember that it is Valentines day again, and I suddenly have a dread of my favorite tower. Too romantic. I think to myself, and Jb is trying to distance us. What is up with us going there tonight?
He walks back down the hall with a huge bouquet of 10 roses.
I blush deed blue.
'Voila'!' He says and tries to hand them to me. I start laughing and look down. In my silliness I forget to make my arms and hands move to accept the gift of these, oh so beautiful, roses. So, there I sit in front of his computer laughing at him while he tries to give them to me. He says: "Oh, you don't want them? Ok." and jokingly tries to take them back. Yeah right, like I am gonna let them go now! I quickly realize my error, in not accepting them right away, and snatch them from his hands.
They are soooo beautiful.
I forget to look for a card on the outside.
He waits patiently for a whole minute, then he says.
"I wrote you a poem too, see?"
I see the little plain white note card attached to the plastic. He takes it off and hands it to me.
Doute que La Terre fait des tours.
Doute que La Lune tourne autour
Doute que Le Soleil est un Feur
Mais jamais ne doute de mon amour.
We go to the Eiffel Tower, his little brother comes too, but it is still super cool. We wait in many lines, cumulatively, for about an hour, but we finally get to the top of the tower.
I am freezing in my thin jacket and I still have damp hair from my bath, but I love it.
There is nowhere in the world like Paris!
There is no one in the world like my, 'boy that is my friend,' JB


Mel said...

hey beautiful! i'm so jealous of your parisian exploits, i'm glad to hear you're having such a cool time! i miss you!

happy valentine's day!

Kate said...

Uh oh...ambiguity. Whoop whoop whoop! (That's the sound of my spidey-romantic-adventure-sense alarm going off).

My love and prayers, are, as always, with you.


Cola said...

I've been having trouble reading all your posts at once; your blog seems to not like me :(. It keeps freezing up. But today I kept trying until at last I was able to catch up. Therefore, the following comment will be rather strange.
Happy birthday adoriable kids watch out for sharks tell us more about JB.