Friday, February 17, 2006

Hello, do I know you?

This might seem out of the blue, but I have a blog sight meter/tracker thingy, and every now and then I look at it and it tells me who loves me. Wait, no it doesn't tell me who loves me, it just tells me who is reading my sad little blog.
Well, apparently I have a a reader in Kansas. Which is super cool, but I don't think I know anyone in Kansas... I am so curious who is reading my blog from Kansas! Who are you? Please tell! You are from somewhere near Wichita is all I know. Come on leave me a comment won't you?

Pictures are still coming from Valentines Day on The Tower. I promise I will get that sorted this weekend. Ok, well have a good day! I am offto Jbs place to watch the new Lost. It's hard to get 'em over here you know. They always have funny subtitles and I shouldn't complain. Happy Day!

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