Thursday, February 09, 2006

Vanity, vanity, all is vanity!

I just noticed. I don't have any nice pictures of me on this here blog, and it is mine after all, so... hé hé hé You can all look at me today! I am sure since most of you haven't seen me in months and months you really won't mind. But if you must complain, I guess you can do so in my comments box.

If I cant play on the internet I will watch.

Yes, I would be a great pirate. I am fierce baby, fierce! Aargh.

I was only playing with the camera, but it is actually an ok picture.

I have eyes, two of them, and I think they are the prettiest part of my exterior being. You are all welcome to argue differently of course. (Again use the comments box.)

Look I even have a little bit of green. Coolness!

Nothing much else to write... ummm. Mary I will reply to your emails soon ok? You know you can always comment on here. (Hint, fudging, hint!) Oh, and that goes for you as well Paul. I know you have been visiting my blog, and I also noticed the lack of comments from you.

*Song for today: "Volcano" by: Damian Rice*


The Alpha Crow said...

Havilah! You are so beautiful! Keep knockin’em dead over there across the Pacific.

Anonymous said...

Havilah, you look great!! Thanks for the pics, Mrs. Fed says 'Hi!'

Bernadette said...

havilah! come see me! i miss you! i'll probably visit you sometime around ten day, which is right before easter.

au revoir

The Joe said...

You know, when you type in "Havilah Krump" in the address bar of a web browser, it goes straight to your blogger profile. I hope you're enjoying the world.

As for me, I am just an e-mail.

Tom said...

Damn girl, your looking good. :)

Louise said...

Thanks for the pics, Hav!