Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pierrefonds Chateau

Pierrefonds Castle

The Tower on the right is called Charlemange. On the left is called Cesar. I didn't name them. They were already named

Can't remember that towers name. But it still looks cool.

Ok, so they made a mini castle and put it in the big castle, on the balcony over looking the courtyard.

The entrance and drawbridge.

Me being silly in a huge frame. Oh, yeah there is my dark hair for everyone to see now. Not a beautiful pic, but fun none the less.

King Henri II and some chick that liked to read. They were hanging out in the Crypt in the basement.

Ummmmm... Don't ask. It was funny at the time, and I am just gonna put it on here for rememberance sake.


Bernadette said...

havilah! you're online right now!
(1.42pm, thursday)

Myth said...

I'm jealous. Lovely pictures, Havilah.

(It's Bronwyn, thought I ought to let you know finally that I'm around).

Juby said...

Hi Havilah,
How's it going? Mom and I finally found the time to go to the library and check out your blog. I think it's cool how you picked "Where There is Gold..." for a title. The castle pictures are interesting and so is Tom is a turtle. The wedgy picture is hiarious! I like your picture in the gigantic frame. I like your hair, too. It's nearly the color of mine.

Lauren said...

Havilah! You are more beautiful than ever! I, too, like the photo in the frame. :)
I have a blog now, too--see you online, sometime? :)