Thursday, March 30, 2006

So crazy!

Ok so I have aprox. 10 minutes to post something while Jibi is in the shower. Where do I start? So much shit has happened, but also alot of really funny stuff... Ummm... Ok the weekend after we went to Pierrefonds Chateau we went to a HUGE Farm Expo here in Paris. It was super cool to see cows and sheep and pigs and smell them and realize that I don't have to wake up tomorrow and milk them... etc. JB took tons of photos for me and I will try and up^load them quick like, but no promises... The weekend after that our very favoritest Bunnydette came to visit us! Which was even more super awesome than the Farm Expo with teh fat cows.... Bunnydette, oh bunnydette where for art thou my Bunnydette. My room is so lonely without her. Yesterday Jb and I were talking about what we might do over Easter vacation, and I was saying that I really want to go see Bunny and Rebecca in Gaming, but that I also really want to get to England and the ferries are super cheap at this time of year... So Jb asked which do I want to do more, and then I remembered that Bunny said that she was going to Rome and I said that I wanted to do that too, but that I didn't think it was possible, and then he said.... I said, he said, blah blah blah..... that is what the world gets when I don't have time to sit down and organize my posts... or even my thoughts. Basically it came down to the realization that the vacation would be the most bestest ever if we could just convince Bunnydette to come with us to England and then Scotland. We are planning on driving all over the island and sleeping in the back of the car, peeing on the side of the road, not being clean and eating moldy French bread with stale Perrier... oh the fun! I can hardly wait!!!!! While on the island I will attempt to see a few people that I know.

Davie? Are you gonna be at Oxford around then? It would be cool if we could bump into you big bro... Just if you are around.

Ok! Jibi is out I should get off now, but I am gonna try and upload some ogf those pics now.

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