Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Technical Diffuculties

Don't worry all, I's ok. I's just havin' computer problems is all. I will get back to posting regular like after they are all sorted out. My apologies folks.

Mare, I do know what you mean about Domer Bird. I miss him too, though I know you probably miss him a whole lot more. I will write you when I have a working computer at my disposal. Poss. this weekend I will steal my fella's when he is in the bathroom or something.... I dunno I will think of something soon!

Can I get some prayers for a working computer people. This could prove to be the straw that broke the havilahs back.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Ooty,
I suppose I don't really have anything to say about your previous post, but I'd still like to send you something. Addy went to the vet today and got her first vaccination. Oh, boy, was she scared. Afterwards, we went over to Mom's work and showed her to a bunch of workers and elderly.
We were hoping to cheer up Hazel Forseth, but it didn't really work. Last week, Monday, Lester (her husband) passed away. They had been married for61 yrs., but they never had any children and now Hazel is all alone.
Sorry to pour salt on old wounds, but I wonder if you got my last comment about Kandy? Father O'Hara's father passed away last Sunday and there is another funeral for someone else tommorrow.
Mom says that already, in the month of March, they've lost seven people. " 'Tis the season for dropping dead; Fa, la, la, la, la, la, boo, hoo, hoo! "
To completely unrelate the current misfortune, IQ Acadamies mailed me a prep. for the classes that are recquired and optional for next year. They have a necessary standard of credits needed in certain subjects in order for me to graduate. As soon as I return the prep., I will receive a final course selection packet. Once I have completed this and mailed in my materials fee of $75, they have placement tests and what not before they mail me text books, printer, and lap top in August. Late August, they'll have a meeting on how to use the supplies. Then, on September 1st, scholl year officially begins.
Mom is nearly as equally excited as myself about my first year of highschool. They even have certain meeting days and school dances. Mom and Dad probably won't let me go to those, but it's worth a try anyway. I don't really blame them though, I will be at least a full year younger than a lot of people there.