Tuesday, January 17, 2006

A "what the fudge, God!?!" day

I give up.

I am so sad today that it is not even possible to discribe for you. Everything is turning out so different to what I had thought God had wanted for me. Probably because I strayed from His path to far, but still... I am having a "What the fudge, God!?!" day.

I desperatley need a friend that can understand what I am talking about, but unfortunatly I have no money to call the few who would understand, and I am unable to post the problems here. I just don't want everybody to have to hear me complain. My "bestest few" I want to talk to, but just the few who can deal me the truth that I need to hear.

Peoples who care. Please show yourselves. I need prayers bad right now.

I miss my friends. You are all so far away now. No one to play with my hair, or make me dance to songs under flourescent lights, no one to dance with at all in fact. No one to walk to the Mudd House with in a blizzard, or smoke cigarettes with in a ball park shed. No one to go to Frog Island with, or down near the river for an underage drink. No one to help me see Gods plan. No one.
I am going to have to get a cig. tonight!


The Alpha Crow said...

Awe, Lady friend! How much longer are you staying over there in Europa? When you get back I’ll have a cigar with you at the mud house. ☺
If you’re feeling blue just poke your belly button. It works on me, and I find that it works on Mel too. We all love you Goldie. Come back to stay next time. But don’t put all of your happiness stock in good friends. Leave it all behind for Christ. I’ll be praying for you.

Your old bird,
The Alpha Crow “Caw”

Bernadette said...

darling 'Avilah', I am not so far away, in fact you have to visit me and Rebecca Block in Austria. Yes, I'm back for part two. I hope to get a chance to visit you...and hopefully you will talk to me! :) praying for you! God bless and ciao,

Kate said...

hava -

you can always email me (at my hotmail). love you.