Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thoughts I have after trying to run for an hour , aka "I know Mare and she knows me!"

I need bigger lungs, smaller boobs, new shoes, and better music.

Mary Brigid is a shrewd girl who always seems to say the wrong thing right before she hits the nail on the head. She is great for that!

Everything is good. I am able to figure out what I want. I can do it, have it, achieve it, and practice it. Woo hoo. My problems are never as bad as I think they are. I am often too melodramatic when concerning my inner turmoils.

I really need to thank everyone who was so good as to pray for me, and or drop me an encouraging note in the last two weeks. Thanks everyone.

Mention that I was cleaning out my emails earlier today and I came across a really old one in which I was summing up a homily of father Pats to a friend. (I ended up deleting the email and just saving the following excerpt)

..."portraying your happiness to God by being good to the people around you. And how when we know that Christ has gone to heaven in order that he might prepare a place for us in his kingdom, then we should not worry about earthly things, but be more concerned about building up a treasure of heavenly valuables. I especialy liked the priests personal interjections about how we are called to be smiling all of the time, because we know that our names are written in "The Book of Life", and that we are just passing through, during our life on earth, as we head to our home in heaven."

Yes, I realise that there are many gramatical errors in that quotation, but I really don't feel like changing it . You may all feel free to edit it in your own minds. You may add periods, remove commas, and personalize the message to fit you... etc

Ohh! Funnies!

While I have actually been in a better mood I still felt like searching for some demotivators. He he he. I dunno! I am just a weird person. Here you go, I hope you enjoy them:

We'll start with a pearl of wisdom.

Then question why it is that people always feel they have to be the best in everything, instead of just enjoying being "sort of able" to do something. I can be content with "sort of able"

Thirdly, lets all think of how silly penguins are, but how everyone likes them just as they are. At least I have never met a person who didn't like them. Have you?

Now, remember what life was like before you knew anything about science.
I know I tried to find the end of a rainbow more than once before I got my first science book.

Next we'll contemplate how it is indeed possible for someone to feel lonely when they are on a metro with 200 other people.

And finally, lets all ponder what the future has in store for us.


Cola said...

thanks for the pictures! I love them. funny how depressing sayings can make you feel better!

Roman said...

(To Cola and Havilah) - DITTO :)

Roman said...

Hi, thanks for leaving a note on my dumb webpage. :) How are you? Hope all is going well! And where are you?
Learning French, learning French... Well, since you took that wonderful Latin class, French should be a piece of cake for you :) I guess, the main question is, what are you trying to work on? Conversational French, grammar or French composition (writing)? I suspect you're working on Conversational french; if that's the case, my advice would be: 1) go to France and hang out there for a little bit (and don't speak English to them). 2) There is a rather good Conversational French course by Michel Thomas (just google his name), which includes only 8 CDs and no books. I did about 5 CDs and my French improved!! The only thing you'll need with that course is discipline (listening to CDs every day), but at least you wont have to do homework and conjugate amare, cogitare, videre and other lovely verbs :) Well, of course, it will help if you write stuff down while you listen to the CDs and then review and practice...
Also, try to surround yourself with French - buys French CDs and learn the lyrics, read French newspapers online, switch your email account to French (Yahoo and hotmail allow that), sign up for a free learn-a-french-word-daily email service... Lots of resource out there, you just need to surround yourself with it and FEEL it.
Good luck and hope this helps!
p.s. if you respond, please do so on my page since i rarely read other people's pages due to the lack of time

Roman said...

Wow, that was a long comment... Sorry! :)

The Joe said...

Do you often feel lonely on a crowded Parisian metro?