Monday, January 30, 2006

The last of a family name

My mothers maiden name is Richardson. Her mothers maiden name was Beron.

Today I received a letter from my mammy saying that her aunt Mildred has died. That would make it my great aunt Millie who is now sleeping 6' under. I never met her, but I wish I had. I had spoken with her on the telephone on several occasions. She was a very kind soul. Thoughtful and remembering to the last. She always sent birthday and Christmas cards, and called my mom at least twice a year just to check up on her. She was 94 years old. I never once sent her a christmas or birthday card. Now it is too late. Regret is bitter.

Great aunt Mildred was the last person in my grand mothers family. The last name of the Beron family has now died off on that branch. No one had any sons, only daughters, lots of daughters... Kinda sad isn't it? Another thing that I think sad is that not only was my mothers mom one of the last to carry a family name to its grave, so also will be my own mammy. (Well, that is if I don't find some magic elixer of life and give it to her. Which I still have great hopes of doing before anything should happen to her.) She has only one sister, and only female cousins, so... yeah there goes another branch of that family name.

I can only imagine how it must feel to be the last carrier of a family name. (Yes, I do of course realise that the names of Beron and Richardson have not died completely, but you get the idea.)

As i have 5 brothers, and I highly doubt that they will all live celibate lives, or are living... I will never have to worry about my last name dieing. that is a comfort. I am kind of attached to it. Although, technically it is really only a given last name. I'll explain more on that another day, but to sum it all up for you :
My great grandfather was left on a doorstep of a family who had the last name of Krupp. They liked him, so they kept him. (Musta been a cute baby.) Anywho, Krupp was changed to Krump somewhere in America shortly after his arrival. Apparently the powers that were thought that it needed to be less German and more American. Go figure that one. Add an "M" and drop a "P", bod-a-bing-bod-a-boom your more American.

It was something to write. It is something I don't want to forget. I hope you can spare a prayer for my great aunt Millie.

Last notes:
It seems to be that whenever my mom does send me news in the mail it is always regarding a death. For example, my Christmas card detailed the death of my dog, Maggie, and also the death of a baby chicken. Cheerful no?

Oh, and apparently death does not just happen in America. My beautiful room mate and fast found friend has died as well. She went to her sewery grave last Thursday with much weeping and wailing on my part, and snickers over the phone from Jb. Men, they never quite understand.

Rest in Peace Aunt Mildred Beron-Hanrahan, and Miss Arabella Poisson. You are missed!


Louise said...

Interesting family history, Hav! May Aunt Mildred rest in peace.

Cola said...

I am very relieved to figure out that the friend who went to her sewery grave was a FISH! I was feeling very sorry and upset for your roommate... Good thing I'm quick- nothing gets past me! :)