Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Replies to people who have commented previously on my blog.

It is to fair that I got the New Year 6 hrs before you as I lost those 6 hours when I flew here. So there! :^~
I dunno what my summer is gonna look like yet. I will def touch base back in the states for a bit, but I can't say when or for how long at this point in time. Sorry about that. I'd love to be able to see you and Megen too if at all possible. It's been over two years now hasn't it? Would you both please send me an email so I have your current addresses? Thanks pretty ladies!

I knew you weren't human a long time ago! Good thing to, as the world is too full of humans. Not enough ancient wisdom is what I say. Ents are awesome. Nice of you to stop by!

It is possible that we could be cousins. (I have so many that I have lost track!) Hey, we both chose birds for adopted pets. Cool! I like your Quackie. S/He is a nice color. I adopted a penguin and named him Tuxie and then I adopted a friend for him and named her Silver. I can't get the stupid links to work though. How did you get yours to work?

I admit to Goldfish neglect. I have just been calling her miss fish! I think that Arabella is a beautiful name for her, and I will commence with name recognition training tomorrow morning at feeding time. In a couple of months she should know her own name right? My American fish Mr. Bubbles learned his name in 2 months., but my Irish Fish Jack and Jill McGill never seemed to learn their names, and I had them for 7 months... Funny creatures, Goldfish.

I'll reply to more later... very tired now as it is 1 am my time.

Good night all!

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