Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Photos From our trip to Rajastan

Pictures from Varanasi

Jaisalmer ( 50 km from Pakistan border) and the camel safari

A quick note:
We've been travelling, mostly in Rajastan but we stopped in Agra on the way, and Varanasi on teh way back, for 2 weeks and just arrived home today. I thought Rajastan was wonderful, kindest people and most beautiful things to see. (JB paid for everything, I only paid for the food, so it cost about the same for me as if I had stayed in Kolkata the whole time.)

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mare said...

update the blog! with so many new stories you have to tell its your obligation to do so. and really as a krump its just the thing to do. miss you, mare

p.s what great pictures they make me want to be in them.