Monday, January 14, 2008


When I was still a newbie, on my second day of working with the sisters at Prem Dan, I carried a plate of food into the ward and fed a woman I would learn was named, Monica. She died this morning and I want to say a few things about her.
Monica had blue eyes and silver grey hair cut short to keep lice away.
Though she still had lice, she did not have many of her teeth.
Monica was, in estimation, 65 years old and weighed about the same in pounds.
Though she ate everything I gave her she weighed less every time I saw her.
Monica was Catholic.
Though I never saw her praying one, she wore a yellow, plastic beaded, Rosary around her neck.
Monica spoke in Bengali.
Though she still new how to say "Thank you" in English.
Monica intelligent and bossy.
Though she loved to give kisses and hugs.
Monica smiled the biggest when she saw me.
Though sometimes she would be frustrated with me if I didn't understand.
Monica prefered that I feed her,
though other volunteers tried when I was there.
Monica kissed my hand the last time I saw her alive,
though I was in a hurry to leave for the day.
Monica was always grateful.
Thank you God for Monica.

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Philip said...


This is your Uncle Phil and cousin Emily (my daughter age 12). We enjoyed your blog and read the recent postings. Our hearts go out to you in the job you are doing there. Are you, like, a missionary? (That's Emily's question - mine too sans "like"). We said a prayer for you and hope all goes well.

We love you and will check back again soon!

Love Phil and Emily