Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Bird Flu Exit Plan

It's here, it's making everyone into vegetarians (who don't even eat eggs), and it is starting to scare me too.

Here is what the BBC reports.

Here is what India eNews is saying.

They are not saying the same thing, and that freaks me more than anything. Also the fact that Prem Dan, the center I work in, is surrounded by semi-wild poultry and ducks frightens me. Everyday I walk through feces of innumerable animals/humans. Fun fun.

I'm pretty 'India-ed' out at the moment and as I have already seen most of my other volunteer friends leave I have decided evacuation now is a good idea. I don't want to be here alone, sad, and then get bird sick too!

I throw in the towel.

India 1 / Havilah 0.

Jeebs has invited me to come back to Paris with him and I have accepted. The flight cost me $535 which is just about half of all of my personal money. I have already talked with Sister Karina and she has told me that the Missionaries of Charity in Paris are working just as hard. In Paris they work with the homeless from Eastern Europe, and the Africans who come ilegally and have nothing.

So, while in Paris I will continue working with the MC sisters and will update my blog more regularly with accounts of what I am doing.

Please don't be mad at me for giving up after only 3 months. I will come back!

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DucInAltumBeth said...

It is a difficult place to live, no need to convince me of that! :) Poor Havilah- will pray for God's continued guidance and peace.

Much love dear friend!