Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cindy Lou Who

I love my work!

Lately I have been assisting the Doctor with small surgeries and dressings, etc. and today our last patient was a little baby girl who was no more than Two.

(I will call her: Cindy Lou Who)

Now Little Cindy Lou Who had a few abscess on the back of her head, and she was not happy with the treatment we had to do.
First Dr. Joan soaked the abscess in warm water and gauze bandages for an hour or two.
Just enough till they were soft and easy to cut through.
During wich time I held Cindy Lou Who, and didn't let her know what we were about to do.
We ate bananas and Chai and played a bit too.
Then came the time for the operation, but because Cindy Lou was so small Dr. Joan asked me to hold Cindy Lou Who in a big hug over my shoulder while Dr. did what she had to do.
The next obstical we fought through was the swaddling cloth that Cindy Lou wore!
Every time we took off one layer, to get rid of a collar in the way, we found more and more!
Finally we had Cindy Lou Who as she was on the day she was born, not a stitch left anywhere.
Then I held her over my shoulder and she was happy there.
But what happened next was no fun for her at all,
Dr. swabbed her litlle head with Iodine and told me not to let her move a bit!
Then the razor blade went "slit, slit, slit".
Por Cindy Lou who cried and cried and you know what she decided to do?
She pooed and pooed
all over
You know Who!

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