Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pictures from Christmas!

A father and 2 daughters inside Prem Dan, waiting for balloon poodles!

Balloon poodles for Christmas! Hooray!

The slum children who live in trash huts outside of Prem Dan.

Me trying to exit Prem dan with one little poodle left to give.

The lucky boy who got the poodle running as fast as he can away from the others.

Merry Christmas everyone!

I love you all.

The Oot


Myth said...

Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Dear Havilah,

Tryn and I are so happy for you and JB. Keep the pictures coming, when you can. Most, though, keep at your love for those who need it most.

Do you have an address to which I can send a small gift or two. Either post it on this blog of yours, or email me at djjkrump "at symbol" yahoo "dot symbol" followed by "com."

The Bears whipped the crap out of the Packers last weekend. Still, Bears can't make the playoffs, and the Packers will, so root for them, right?

For Christmas, I got a Donald Driver official NFL jersey. It fits great, though it must be hilarious for you to picture me in an NFL jersey.

Tell JB I am proud of him, and welcome him most fully.

Your brother,