Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Commencing Kolkata

The train trip was very nice, of course I will feel guilty for riding first class for the rest of my stay, but I was safe and happy the whole way! Anyways, I arrived about an hour ago and have settled into the dormitory at Salvation Army already. It has a very hard cot, but I am sure it will be good for my back. There are 5 other ladies in my room and I have already met one of them, she is French and a volunteer for the last 2 months. I think we will get along well, she is going to take me to adoration tonight at 6pm. I'm glad I will be able to work on my French a bit while here. I am going to try and find a phone tonight, but no promises. I am feeling rather out of place, and wishing that I had arrived earlier or that it was a Wednesday already so I could go register with Sr. Karina. I will be happy to see Jesus tonight and I think I will feel better after we hang out a bit. Thank you all for your prayers, please keep them coming, I am here and now the hard part can start! Woohoo!!! Bring it world!

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