Thursday, September 20, 2007

India at last!

I arrived at the New Delhi airport on the 10th at 5am, after having lost an entire day to the "evening" of my flights. (Ask me about all that later...) My flights went well, fast enough, room enough, friendly enough, and food enough to make a happy Hava. I met a nice girl named Kris in the Amman airport. When she saw that I was reading my Lonely Planet Guide to India she approached me. We flew, and arrived together, took a taxi to a hotel together and have been rooming together and hanging out since. Yesterday, we roamed around Delhi all day, went to a nice little restaurant, and bought a couple Sawri Kamis (sp?) together. Sawri Kamis are like long shirts with big baggy pajama pants under and a long scarf which you drape over your shoulders. Very beautiful clothing. Today I booked a ticket on a train to Kolkata and am hoping to leave Delhi on that train at 5pm. Until then I will help Kris find a new hotel, as she won't be staying in this one without me, and I will probably spend a good few hours trying to find food and water enough for my journey and also feminIne things as I fourgot to bring them. Bother that. I am happy God is Good, I didn't find a Catholic Church to go to Mass at Yesterday, but I am more confident about finding them In Kolkata. Everybody pray for me!


Kate said...

Glad to hear you made it! I assume this means the visa stuff worked itself out. ;-) We loved having you over, and you'll be in our prayers.


DucInAltumBeth said...

Hang in there Havilah! We're all praying for you- I wrote about you on our Village blog,, check it out! Praying for your train ride and all.

Tell Sister Karina that I love her and pray for her and all the Sisters at every mass. Also, tell her that I can now see the gift that it was to be there. :) (If she doesn't remember me tell her I worked at Shishu Bhavan and helped her with Volunteer Day :)

God Bless you!!!

Your friend, Beth

DucInAltumBeth said...

PS, sending ck to your home!