Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Be Love in Action

Dear Everyone,

As many of you already know, and some of you might not, I have been hoping to be a missionary in India for several years now. Well, this last April I sent a letter to the sisters of the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, now known as Kolkata, India. (I also asked my father to send a small letter of recommendation, since he had previously worked with them as a young man.) I asked the Sisters if they would let me come for a year as a volunteer to work with them and serve the poor in any way that I could. They sent me a small letter back (of which I have attached a scanned copy below), welcoming me to come and “share in their humble works of love for the poorest of the poor”.

I was so happy when I got their letter! I grew up with stories and recounts -- from my father -- of the work of Love that Mother Teresa was doing there with the poor, the dying, and the destitute.

Today, though ten years after her death the sisters are continuing the work that Mother Teresa started. Living in the same conditions as the people they serve, daily going to the streets and bringing food to the starving, accepting all abandoned children as their own, and providing a place surrounded with love for those who have been neglected by even their own families and left in the ghettos to die. They serve lepers, help girls sold by their families escape forced prostitution, feed and shelter the “untouchables” who have no one else, and the list of their works of love goes on. I know that what they do would be impossible without the great love that they have for Jesus. These sisters know the true Love that Christ teaches us we should have for everyone, no matter their state in life. Even their smiles show love. I want to follow Christ’s example to love as they do.

Since receiving their letter of welcome I've done a lot of research about what will enable me to not only go and serve, but also retain my health while serving, and I am some what discouraged about the total cost for all of the vaccines I will need to get in order to stay healthy. (I've enclosed a list with their prices below.) After talking with several different health care providers, as well as the county nurse, I have found that there are many vaccines I can afford, and some, which I will need, but will not be able to afford.

Additionally, I have also researched travel costs, and although they are expensive as well, around $2000 round trip to Kolkata, I am still hopeful that I will be able to save enough so that I can buy a ticket that will take me there this November. (UPDATE!!! 9/20/2007 Nick Korn is donating tickets from Chicago to Delhi and back!!! I will be leaving 11/9/2007!!!) Originally I had asked the sisters about my coming in October, but as I have only just started getting my necessary vaccinations, and some of them must be done is stages, I will have to wait a bit longer. My father, who is familiar with life in West Bengal, thinks it is best for me if I get there and become adjusted before Monsoon season arrives.

I have been working very hard and saving all that I can, but I am unable to save enough for both the vaccinations and also the cost of my travel and living abroad for a year. Living there for a year will only cost about $3,500, but when adding this to all the other costs it becomes another monetary burden.

My family is helping me with their prayers, and a place to live rent-free while I save money for the trip. My parish, St. Bridget’s, which is small, will be helping me mostly with spiritual support. I have written to the Mission office of my Diocese but have not yet received a reply. (UPDATE!! 9/16/07 The Missions Office has agreed to fund my vaccinations!) I know that if I could find only 20 people that could donate $30 dollars each that I could not only go to India and serve Christ and the poor with love and my own hands, but also have enough to give to the poor to better help in serving their bodily needs.

Since I am not better than Mother Teresa, and she could ask help from others, then I will learn from her humility and do the same. I am begging for this help. Please, help me. I simply can’t do all of this by myself, though I have been trying. I've learned that this is not just my mission but a part of the mission that every person is called to. Feed the hungry, give shelter to the homeless, and love each other. We all must do this in the way that we are best able. So, if you are able to help me help others, please do. I promise that all the donation money I receive will be used only for the necessities I encounter and that all of any remaining donations will be given directly to the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity. Anything that you give will be used only for good. So please, be love in action.

I am so grateful for this opportunity and for all of you who will help me make it a reality. Thank you. Thank you for your time, and I ask that even if you can help me with nothing else, remember the poorest of the poor in your prayers.

With Love,

Havilah Krump

N25237 County Rd. D
Ettrick, WI 54627
(608) 525-6011

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Letter from Sister Karina MC, Volunteers Coordinator for the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta.


List of Vaccinations required for missionaries/relief workers in West Bengal region of India:

Tetanus-diphtheria: One time shot good for 10 years. Cost $5.

Malaria Pills: 48 pills. Cost $521.49 BUT I WILL NEED MORE!!!

Hepatitis B: Two shots. Cost $60.

Typhoid: 4 pills. Cost $69.99

Polio Booster: One time shot. Cost $5.

Japanese Encephalitis: Series of three shots. Cost $520.50

Obligatory Doctors visit: One visit before I am allowed to get exotic vaccinations and in order to get prescription for Malaria pills. Cost $170.90

Obligatory Nurses visits: Three visits in which I will be getting the shots: Cost $59.40.

Total: $1412.28

To be paid by LaCrosse Diocese Missions Office! Thank you Fr. Scheckel!!!


Detailed list of expenses for year long mission trip to India

Visa: $118

Bus from LaCrosse WI to Chicago, IL: $65.00

Metro in Chicago from station to airport: $10

Trains from Delhi to Calcutta and back: $120

Flights from O'Hare airport to Delhi and back: $1,600

Living expenses: Food, shelter, obligatory Indian woman’s styled clothing $3,200

Vaccinations: $1,412

Total: $6,525

(-) Vaccinations. To be paid by the Diocese of LaCrosse

Total: $5,113

(-) Flights. To be provided by Nick Korn

Total: $3,513

Other information:

$1.00 = 39.49 Rupees

Living accommodations in dormitory at Monica House will cost: 350. Rupees a night 115,500 Rupees for my entire stay which equals; $2,924.80 dollars.


Kate said...

I see you figured out the paypal button yourself, sorry I wasn't able to do that with you! I've been a bit of a slug lately, I'm afraid. Praying that your fundraising goes well!

Kate said...

Yay for the missions office!! I'm so excited for you Hava!!!! Woohoo!