Sunday, November 13, 2005

Some nice things.

God is good.
I am mellow and dramatic at the same time, but God is still good.
I got the keys to the car yesterday. I am so happy. I will no longer have to worry about walking home in the dark from the train station. This is a good thing.
Today, I went singing in front of Notre Dame, and I made 15.43 €, in about an hour. Not bad at all! I will pick a slightly different place to stand tomorrow and see if I can get any better. I am always struck by a desire to thank Mrs. Fedoryka whenever I do well singing. Almost all of the songs I sung today I learned with her. I miss vocal training. I can tell my voice isn't where it was two years ago. I can hear that I have lost a few high notes and that bugs me. If any of you dear Aveites should see her please tell her I love her, miss her, and am eternally grateful to her for all that she has done for me.
Tomorrow I might be joining a Gospel Choir/performing group thingy. A lady in my church gave me a number to call... Time will tell whether or not I have the gumption to dial a French phone number, with out knowing the person on the other end before hand. I might end up asking Bruno or Lydie for help, but I don't want to because they are always helping me so much.
I feel like I am in a constant state of being helped by them. I was agian remined today about how blessed I was in being chosen by their family and not being tricked into another family. In my language class there is a girl about my age, from Poland, who is working for a family with 5 children. (I wouldn't mind that so much if I was still getting all the other nice benefits that I am, but the rest of her situation is appalling.) She has to work at least 10 hrs every day, often 60-65 hrs a week, including Saturday. She doesn't speak French or English only Polish, so she can hardly comunicate with anyone here. She is getting paid beans, a lot less than is the normal rate for au pairs here anyways. She has to live with the family, and she has no mode of transportation other than her feet. Several of the other girls in my class and I are trying to find her a new family to work for, but so far no luck.
How exactly I always end up in such good situations is unknown to me, the only way I can even hope to understand is by thinking of myself as a child closing my eyes tightly as I hold God's hand and he leads me through this world of uncertainty. (That though has come from a thought/prayer by St. Rita, I am not sure where to refer you. I had looked her up recently and that thought stuck out for me. She is an awesome saint.) I am so blessed.


Kate said...


I am glad you are doing so well. I was at dinner at the Russell's today and they asked after you. Everyone wants to know whether you have seen any/been affected by the riots in Paris etc. I'm glad you like your family. We miss you!

ps. Gui loves your smiley pillow. He sticks his little finger out and traces the blue lines, and hugs it. He laughs at it sometimes too. It's really very cute. I've been trying to tell him that it is Hava's pillow, and I wish I had a good picture of you to show him so he'll know/remember who you are!

Where there is gold... said...

That's really sweet about Gui and my pillow! I can just see him and his little droolie smile now. He he he.
No, I haven't been anywhere near the riots when they were happening. I know it seems silly to say, but they aren't really a big deal to the real Paresians. I have gotten two emails warning me to stay away from the bad districts, but that is basically all I have heard about it.
Say "Hello" to the Russells for me! They are really a great family.
It's nice to get a little note from you. I miss my friends. I am still very much alone here. Kiss Gui for me,

Where there is gold... said...

The emails were from the American Embassy.