Saturday, September 09, 2006


( Havilah doesn't have anytime to post more photos of our summer journey , so i'm posting some ( JB ))

And then we visited Washington for 3 days ( from David and Bethany's place ) , thx again Bethany and David.

Washington is what we found the perfect city for tourism , the subway system is by far the best we saw on the East Coast , really clean , easy to use, a little bit more expensive .
ALL the museum are free for entrance , we went to :

Air and Space museum ( most visited museum in America ) , you can touch a sample of lunar rock , see SpaceShipOne ( first private plane to flight in space ) , Spirit of St louis piloted by Charles Lindbergh , first man to cross the Atlantic Ocean from New-York to Paris without any stop and alone , 33h00....) , the command module of Apollo 11 in which Neil Armstrong an his mates came back on Earth , the original Wright flyer that made the first controlled , powered
flight in 1903 , the Bell-X1 : first supersonic plane , and a lot of very cool stuff !

Spirit of Saint Louis , first monoplace plane to cross the Atlantic Ocean , from Long Island (NY) to Paris ,France.

The flight last 33h and half , used 450 gallons (1,703 liters) of fuel.

Spirit of Saint Louis , SpaceShipOne and Bell X-1

On the ground , the pink thing is the cockpit of the first world entire trip in a ballon.


Havilah touching a lunar rock sample brought by Apollo 11

Wright Brother's plane , first motorised plane ever.

Mercury space capsule

Apollo 11 capsule

Went also went to the Botanic Garden , it's really good.

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