Saturday, September 09, 2006

Boston , Mes-tes-chaussettes ( put your socks on , in French )

We spent 3 days in Boston , was great , the city is small , you can walk almost everywhere . They have the Freedom Trail which is a red line of 5 miles you can follow on the ground and it circles in the city to show you the interesting things , in one word : exelent.

Boston is diferent of others cities we went , the street are not square , it's more like european cities.

Clam chowder in bread , yummy !


Old North Church


Inside the ship.

Near Faneuil Hall

Great street performer from the Bronx , they were amazing.

Old State House

Built in 1713, this site is where you will find the landmark for the Boston Massacre, which took place March 5, 1770 and where five Patriots were killed.

One of the oldest building in the States.

Old South Meeting House

Built in 1729 as a Congregational Church, it served as Boston's Town Meeting Hall, famous for the fiery meeting that led to the Boston Tea Party incident which caused the port of Boston to be closed and brought the country a step closer to rebellion.

We loved how they kept old buildings in the middle of Skyscrapers.

Granary Burying Ground

Many notable Patriots are buried here including Paul Revere, John Hancock, Samuel Adams and Robert Treat Paine as well as the five men killed in the Boston Massacre.

Have you ever been to London surburbs? It looks exactly the same style.

The Freedom Trail , very good idea , we followed it all the way long.

The Freedom Trail begins in Common Parc , America's first public park( 1634).

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