Saturday, September 30, 2006

They called in sick, so I worked harder!

On thursday around 1 in the afternoon, I received a call from the automotives factory which am employed at, and working at alot I might add, to be told that if I wanted I was not required to come into work that afternoon. I was curious as to why and as far as I can make out the orders were either to small for the parts I help to manufacture, or that machine, which they had been working on the day before, was still down and they didn't want us simply standing around and being paid.

I was fine with the whole idea! I would have an even longer weekend to accomplish all of the things I had planned! All day Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday free from TRW. I just wish they had called me earlier in the day, so that I could have been at full speed throughout Thursday. Instead, I received the call about 2 hours before I would have been going to work, thus making my sporatic free day a little shorter, but still productive!

I took Miss Juby into Ettrick where we went to TRW, just to get my check, and then proceeded to Hillbilly's Fun Saloon, where I cashed my check. (You see the bank in Ettrick is... how can I say this nicely... well... not somewhere that is very concerned with making anyone happy, nor gaining new customers into their institution. I really have no idea how they stay in business. Thus I do my banking in a town about 12 miles away, or cash my checks in the local bar.) We then attempted to go to the local bank for the sole purpose of buying a money order with the now cash I held from the bars till, however the bank was not interested in my monetary proposition and wouldn't sell me a money order unless I had an account there. The woman at the till instead directed me to the Post office, where we quickly walked. I bought 5 stamps, with cool pictures of old baseball greats on them, and one money order worth $47.50, as well as a postmarked envelope. The money order and the postmarked envelope were promptly mailed off to my beloved Ave Maria College, thus completeing the more than likely, final transaction I will ever have with that institution. Which is of course not to say that I will no longer be talking and associating with all of my wonderful Ave peeps, but that the actual College and myself no longer have any binding between us. That is, other than my own fond rememberence.

Jubilee and I then proceeded to the lumber yard to see my friend Tina. (Tina is basically my only friend in this area of the country, at least within 45 minutes of driving. I happen to have met her when I stopped by the lumber yard in search of chainsaw oil, about a month ago. She is a very chearful, and kind person, has had a good few travelling adventures, and is quite a bit like me. Rough to some and sweeter than sugar to others, an aquired taste. I really like her.) While there I decided that I would buy the drywall for the ceiling in my old room. I called home for the measurements, but was not specific enough in my directions concerning where to find the paper with all of the things written down, so Juby and I drove home to get them ourselves. Only 4 miles, no big deal. I then stole Gelly and the puppy, Addy, and took them as well as Juby and a now more cleaned out truck back to the lumber yard along with the list of all things measured and required.

I spent about $100 on all of the materials my Pop and I would need to repair the ceiling in my old room, and then took it all home in the old red truck with little sisters and the dog making sure that nothing fell out the back! Now, Pop, Juby, Gelly, and I spent roughly 45 minutes just clearing a path for, and then carrying these four 12 ft by 4ft pieces of drywall through the house, up the stairs, and then into my room. It was an adventure filled with laughter screaming, pinched toes and fingers. Good hard fun.

Now after all of this wondeful adventuring with pay checks, money orders to old schools, postage, misplaced building supply lists, little sisters, puppy dogs, careful drives in old trucks, and manuvering huge pieces of drywall and giant buckets of mud up stairs into my old room, I am sure that you are thinking it must have been late enough for me to call it a day, right? Well, you would be wrong there. It was only about 6:30, and there was firewood to be made, stacked and thrown down the hole in our living room floor. (The hole is supposed to be there, Pop cut a trap door a few years ago just for the firewood.)

Like I said before, they called in sick so I worked harder!


Benihime said...

It looks gorgeous out there, Hava! I miss you! It looks like a perfect place to hang out.
And I'm naming one of my kids Jubilee if I ever marry someone who'd let me.
love, Angel

Myth said...

Is it that long since I visited? They look so much older!