Thursday, May 25, 2006

Yes, it's coming into focus now.

Look into my magic ball and let me show you my future.... hhhhmmm.... Ah yes there it is.... kinda foggy, but it certainly looks interesting.

On July 5th I will be in America!

Well that is what my flight itinerary says anyways. It tells me that I will be arriving at JFK at 4pm est. Jb's future is a little different. His magic ticket tells him that he will be arriving at JFK on the same day, but at 10:30 am thus he will have to wait for me.

hé hé hé.
After we find each other the future gets a little more foggy.
As of right now we have places to stay for about 2 weeks. One in Philly, with Angel and Bernadette and the other near Baltimore, with My Aunt Bethany and Uncle Dave. We still need to find a place, or places for the rest of the time on the East Coast.
Jb's return ticket is for the 30th of July. So, we don't know what is going to happen to us but we expect a forcast of mild to extreme adventures with occasional showering of kindness from friends family and strangers.
We plan on bringing a tent.
Once again I'm going to ask the wide world of blog readers that if there is anyone out there who thinks they might be able to help us out even for a night, in their back yard, we would be eternally grateful!
We are still hoping to find somewhere closer to
New York City,
because we are dieing to see it.
Please isn't there anyone else who can help?


Cola said...

If you feel like making a detour to North Dakota, you're always welcome!

Where there is gold... said...

Thanks Cola, but I think it might be a little hard to get there and back in time for Jb's flight. However, next time I will definitally take you up on that offer!
An elephant never forgets!

The Last Balancer said...

Everyone's your friend, in New York City! Everything seems beautiful, and the girls they are so pretty! The streets are paved with diamonds and there's just so much to se, but the very best thing about New York City is..
You and me!
It's from a They Might Be Giants song.

One day I ran into a man from New York, and I poked him with a spoon, and before the melon fell, he told me, "sffbchk" Which happens to be the word of the day. Wierd how those things work out.

Anonymous said...

Hi Oot!
I read your blog again today. Then I looked up averyfunnyvideo and found a film clip with two guys' chins singing a song. I showed it to Mom. She says she has to tell people at work about it.
Another thing: It was nice talking to you on Mothers' Day, but Mom wasn't so thrilled when she saw the phone bill.
I'm in baseball again this year, I didn't know if you knew. Of course, I'm the only girl, because, at my age, everyone switches over to softball. Not me! Softball is in Galesville and Mom and Dad said they couldn't afford to drive me back and forth 5 days a week. That's okay with me, though. I like baseball, and I'm pretty good at it. Everyone just accepts me as part of the team, they hardly notice that I'm a girl anymore.
Just like the other day when I made a really nice catch, Coach Pudge yelled: "That-a-boy, Juby!", as is his custom for complimenting. Of course the team isn't so far gone as to not realize his mistake, and afterwards, we almost died laughing.
Since we have so many players on Team Ettrick, Pudge split us into two teams: Team Viper and Cobra. I'm on Viper. We have our second game tommorrow.
Speaking of tommorrow, I'm getting braces then. Early in the morning. I'm going to be eating mush from then on. Since today is my last natural day without braces for the next three years, Mom asked me what I would like to eat: "Everything!" I replied.
Anywho, I guess I better get going, but good luck with all of your travels and see you later. Oh, by the way, make sure you send me something:
Love, Your Sis,