Friday, October 20, 2006

Wisconsin grey

After all the beautiful leaves of the trees have fallen.

All that is left is the cold winds and the bitter threat of Winter.

It is then that we huddle nearer the stove, and start to pray for Spring again.

Why did I choose to return?

No one is here for me.

Just the Wisconsin grey.

Come Home won't you?


The Bard said...

Word of the day: Nupra

The sequel to Oprah, or the latest and greatest Opera.

Good to hear from you Havilah! I will pray for you, hope all is well and welcome back to Midwestern Grey...its not just a Wisconsin thing...Michigan has had its share as usual!

Tom said...

It probably isn't very different from Northern Minnesota grey. Might be alittle warm there though, not much just alittle.

Bernadette said...

but, c'mon, even Paris is grey! (you should see gaming! but lately I can't sympathize, the days have been beautiful and cold...)

Steve said...

Has stopping in made things feel any better? I know I have always felt cheerful after hanging out with you.
I'll bet when you start school things will be different. Congrats on the karaoke prize again!