Monday, October 30, 2006

Takin' Care of Farm Chores

We get up every morning from an alarm clocks warning around 5:15 we start our farm chores.

We try to whistle through our day even though we get no pay, that's how it works when you are a farmers daughters.

There's cows to be fed and guini pigs to bed, there are calves that want to suck there bottles, there's the radio in the barn that speaks old time yarns, and make us think of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

And we're takin care of Farm chores everyday! Takin' care of cows in every way! We're takin' care of chickens everyday! Takin' care of kittens in every way!

It's work to be sure, but it makes our Pop so proud when we wash all the milk house really well. If we keep the place free from smell it will show in our somatic cells that we know how to milk really swell!

People see us pullin' weeds, and pretending they are Swedes, but we tell them that we like it this way! It's hard to be so pure but we're all so sure, that it's better to make our hay this way!

And we're takin' care of farm chores, every day! Takin' care of cows, in every way! Takin' care of Chickens, every day! And takin' care of kittens in every way!



Steve said...

Is this a song? How is everything going? What are you up to this weekend? Myself... Debating traveling south yet again this weekend for the batism of my newest nice Gianna.

Bernadette said...

when are you coming haves?