Thursday, June 29, 2006

What the?

Angel, Kate, Bronwyn, and or Bernadette, do any of you girls know what this is?

Blog trading? How did my/our blogs get put on this thing?

I was just casually scanning my sitemeter and noticed I had a hit from Estonia, so I check the refering URL and I got this:


Myth said...

No idea. But mine isn't worth very much. How terribly sad.

Angel Roth said...

Huh? Mine is doing decently, (I suppose) but I haven't been 'Yet Even Closer To Water' since I first started. That is so ever-loving weird, Haves.

Tom said...

From BolgShare support, "Most of the blogs in our index are added automatically by our
monitoring of the FeedMesh new and updated blogs service. BlogShares
is just a game." That is at least how they got on there. They are also willing to remove your blog if you would like. I thought you may be intrested

Where there is gold... said...

Thanks Tom, but I am content to know that my blog is at least worth that much in imaginary money. ^^ Kinda nice to know that somebody in the outside world likes it.

Thnx anywho

Tom said...

yeah it is. mine is doing okay on there, only a grand ubder yours.