Thursday, June 22, 2006

Life is never dull when you have a Polish girl with you.

Ewa, my Polish friend whom I met last yera in Irlenad, came to visit me last weekend. I am going to write down all of the crazy things that happened to us while she was here, but I am slightly afraid that you will all think I aml lieing... Itwas just that flippin' crazy!

Lets start with Thursday night:
Ewa's plane was scheduled to arrive at Beauvais airstrip at 10:40pm. Beauvais airstrip, which is aprox. a 1 hr drive from Paris and my home takes care of all the really cheap flights unlike Charles de Gaulle Airport which is just inside Paris. I had told my boss, Lydie 3 weeks ago, as soon as I knew that ewa had the ticket, that I hade a friend coming into town on that thursday and that i would need to get her from the airport, well as it happens on that same Thursday night Lydie had just booked tickets to some theatre... She said she needed me to babysit. I said, "Oh, ...umm, ok I will ask J.b. to go and get her for me."
J.b. was alright with the idea at first but on the Wednesday night before she arrived, I went through my email again to get the exact details and it turned out that she was arriving to late for J.b. He had an important exam on Friday morning and needed to study and then get a little sleep, and so the late arrival posed a real problem for him. I started to get a little worried, but figured that I shoul dbe able to to talk himl in to going, but Thursday afternoon he gave me a call and told me that there was a bus that shuttled people back and forth from Paris to Beauvais, but that it arrived in Paris at Midnight. Would I be able to collect Ewa from the city at Midnight became the question. Thus, I rang Lydie at work and asked if it was possible for me to leave and pick her up. At which point Lydie said , 'Oh, I forgot to tell you! You don't need to babysit tonight, you can go get your friend when you want, I will be home lik enoirmal.'

*Pause for Havilahs stare of silence*

Thanks for telling me Lydie.

Plans were quickly re-made that I would indeed be going to get Ewa
that evening in Beauvais. I just needed the Mappy directions to the airstrip.
Only problem was that I didn't have the passwor dto the computer so i couldn't get online to get the directions.

More to follow.... I have to get off line now I am at J.b.s and he wants to try and upload a video on my blog, so I wioll finish teh adventures of last weekend after this weekend.

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