Sunday, October 16, 2005

J'abite à Paris, well close enough anyway to claim it.

I suppose the wide world of bloggers and blog readers might want to know alittle about me. Curiosity and all that. Well, I am the fourth child in a family of eight. I have five brothers and two sisters. My family used to live in LaGrange, Illinois, but when I was eleven we all moved up to/near Ettrick Wisconsin. It was really quite a difference in habitates.
LaGrange, is a suburb of Chicago and has a monsterous population, all the conveniance stores you could want, a 24hr. Walgreens(for when you daughter gets an earache and wants the bubble gum flavored madicine), a movie theatre, a constantly expanding library, at least three different catholic churches with large and slightly less than pius congregations, and schools that most people just make their children walk to.
Ettrick, on the other hand, has a total population of aprox. 520 people, a gas station that serves as a conveniance store(it rents videos, and sells diapers, ice cream and jerky), a tiny little library that is part of the elementary schools building, no pharmacy, no theatre, & a very small Catholic church with an even smaller congregation (made of some very earnest catholics but most ignorant of what it means to be a Catholic), and at least 5 bars where you can find most of the town residents at all hours of the day. Everday.
Ettrick is a farming communities town. A place where after morning chores, while still clad in manure spotted clothes, the old farmers will congregate at The gas station, filling the 5 little tables/booths, to drink coffee and talk about the lack of rain this summer and whether the price of corn will sky rocket becouse of it.
My family, well technically my two little sisters and I, own a farm located 4.2 miles outside of town. ... I will have to finish more of this later, my boss lady is home now and I want to show her the new curtain I made for my little apartment to her stamp of approval.


Mel said...


Sorry I missed you when you called. We'll have to stay in touch, lady! Keep the posts coming

Love you!

Anonymous said...

So, Havilah, this is Havilah... the American version you found on Livejournal. Because I get this so often, and I figure you must too (unless Havilah is a common name in France?): why did your parents choose to give you this name? Was it from the quote in Genesis, or did you just find that quote and like it?

And for reference... there's no interesting story on how you/I/we died. It was a reference to an episode of the Simpsons, and is the dialogue used to kill off a character on a show inside the show... if that makes any sense.

Welcome to the world of blogging!


Where there is gold... said...

Hey! I'm American too ya know... ha ha ha I just like to travel. I lived last year in Ireland and this year I will be here in Paris. Yes, my parents chose Hvailah because of the verses in Gen. Same with your parents? What religion are you, out of curiosity. And completely out of the way, I do the same thing when I want a Sprite really badly. Where are you going to school? I spent 3 semesters in MI at Ave Maria College, then I started for Ireland and now I am here. Have you heard about this other Havilah who is a singer? Havilah Tower I think it is. She sang at a benefit for Katrina relief and got a big start from it. I'm trying to find out what she's all about. I love to sing too, and my friends say I have a pretty good voice, but it would be hilariously bad for my musical career if another Havilah got famous first. (Laughing at self and ambitions.) It is cool to have the name, but also kinda hazardous at the same time; It's just a little too unique for there to be two famous singers of that name. Bah! I have rotten luck! Ha ha ha, but on the other hand that does take alot of preasure off me, because I know that if she makes it I don't even need to try. - Hava