Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Mom and Pop go to France Fund!

I've already spoken with most of you on the phone about this, but just to say it all again for those of you I didn't catch yet; JB and I want to host Mom and Pop for 3 weeks here in France during this July or August. Preferably August as the tickets are a little cheaper.

The idea is that all of us kids will put as much as we resonably can into this trip for them so that they can have a really great Anniversary present/Birthday present for Pop. I've already mentioned this to Mom and she is down with the idea, and Pop, well Pop is really wanting to come. Baby Timmy is a big draw, but think about it, Mom and Pop have never been to Europe and it will be such a good memory for them. Hell, Mom has never been out of the country and Pop hasn't been since he left India. As Rafiki the monkey says: "It is time."

I've been looking for inexpensive flights for them and the best that I have found so far is as follows. Using Icelandair, if they fly out of Minneapolis, (which they can take a shuttle to from LaCrosse) and have one layover in Iceland, before reaching Paris on August 10th and return in the same style on August 25th, then the tickets will cost: $985. Each.

So: $1970 for both of them round trip.

I know it is expensive, but it will make them so happy, and shit, we are 8 kids I figure we should all be able to pitch in at least a little something! Even Gelly can help!

Here's the deal, JB and I don't have any cash available till the end of the month, but you should all feel free to go ahead and start putting money in the donate button up in the right hand side of my blog. This way it will all go into one account and then I can buy the tickets for them faster.

If you want I will keep a running tab up so that we all know how much still needs to be put in. Yes, I think I will do that so that we all feel guilty and give more money.

TOTAL DONATED as of Feb. 10th: $0

Any questions or comments? Use FB, and I will get back to you right away.

BTW! Mom has promised to lose weight for this trip. She know that obesity costs extra on an airplane, so she is really gonna do her best!

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