Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am grateful

I am grateful for:
My Faith
My Parents
My Siblings
My many friends and few relatives throughout the world who pray for me
The fact that in my country I am respected as a person
The fact that I was given an education
That I will always have someone I can call on to help me

That I have knowledge of how to keep myself healthy
That I will never have maggots crawling in any of my wounds
That I will never have rotten fingers that show their bones.
That my babies will not die from malnourishment,
nor AIDS, nor polio...
That I will never be addicted to drugs.

That I will never die alone
nor on the street
nor from a sickness without possibility of treatment
That when I die people will mourn me and respectfully dispose of my body.


I am so grateful.

I am so blessed.


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