Wednesday, June 25, 2008

To Market

I've seen her and her two daughters on the sidewalk for the last 3 months. Everyday I would try to have a small conversation with her in my limited Bengali. She is 18 years old though she looks about 25, because of the cruelty of her life. She has no husband, but the first time I took her to meet the sisters, she put the crimson dash in her hair line to try and appear more 'respectable'. She loves her daughters more than anything.
She cried in front of a crowd of her peers while she tried to get me to take her baby.

She is a brave woman.

YOU are all going to help me help change her life.

Baby Rupa is 2 1/2 months old and has pneumonia in both of her lungs. She is the size of a small rag doll and even though she is in the Hospital with her Mother at her side, she is going to need special care for at least another year.

She is a beautiful baby with eyes that grab you.

YOU are all going to help me change her life.

I am going to write more about them, you will read it.

I am going to show you pictures of myself with this woman and her baby, and you are going to want to help her.

I am going to find work and a home for them, but in the mean time she will need money to help her support herself , her very sick baby, and her 3 year old.

She is not a prostitute. She might have been, I don't care.
She does not do drugs. She might have, I still don't care.

She lives on the street and everything she owns she can carry in one hand.

For money she picks through the refuse of the market and finding the odd garlic, or bit of ginger she cleans it and sells it .

This will all change.

You will all help her.

Won't you?

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