Thursday, May 08, 2008

Just to let you all know I am doing well

I'm doing well.

God has sent me a new friend to work with and I am so much happier now.

Work is hard and easy and so rewarding.

Please keep praying for me.

A Selfish note:

My birthday is less than a month away, if you wanna send anything, now is a good time.

June 4th is B-day.

I love you all !

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Tadek said...

World is a strange place... I can't really remember how I got the link to your blog, was just googling for something...

I .. just liked it somehow, so I bookmarked it. And now you're saying, you were born on the 4th of June... That's my birthday as well. I know, that doesn't really matter... but...

I'm not much of a beliver... but I'll pray for you. Good luck! I wish you you'll never loose your attitude! :)