Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Plea for prayers

I need help.

Please, do what you can, pray.


The School that I am about to be kicked out of for lack of finances.


Myth said...

You've got my prayers. I hope everything works out.

Benihime said...

Havilah, you got it! I'm also a bit relieved to hear back from you- not languishing in a european prison or anything crazy. Entire family's prayin for ya, girl.

Bernadette said...

oh haves! don't worry, we're praying! whatever happens, God wants it to for our own betterment-- (I'm also going through a rough time right fiance is not going to be around for this semester, for the same reason. my only consolation is that it he will still be in the same country.)

Steve said...

Havilah, Best of wishes, and prayers for you. Please pray for me too as I've been working two jobs, and its been a lot to put on my plate, as I burn the candle at both ends, yet it seems more is expected of me. I might have to contemplate nixing my night job soon in search of something with a little more normal routine. How have you been otherwise? God Bless.

Where there is gold... said...

I'm sorry I have no time to post.
I will be ok, I really really am grateful for such good friends as you all are! Thank you so much for your prayers and thoughts i pray all is going well for you too!