Friday, April 14, 2006

Where will you be spending your Easter Vacation?

The place that I am leaving for tonight has this picture on it's flag.

It also has many beautiful views like this one.

And it looks like this from above.

Anyone know where I am going?

Last hint: I will not be leaving the country I am currently in, unless you count the boat ride...

Dear everyone:

I am sorry that I haven't written in so long. I have been having adventures! However, I have also been very behind in all of my obligations to friends and work here that I haven't really been able to take the time to sit down and write anything worth reading. I am sure Kate can relate, probably Stephenie too, oh and Mary, and Bronwyn, and my peeps at Ave... yeah, now that I think about it I am sure that you all can relate.

Spring makes everyone/thing go a little faster doesn't it? The only thing I know that still goes slowly in Spring in molassas. mmmm... molassas.

They cut the grass in the Domain I live in yesterday and I was in heaven on my walk home. The only thing that would have made that walk better was if my Pop was with me and I was on the farm talking about making the first crop hay. I miss the farm and I miss Ave and I miss my good friends back in the states and Ireland. I am happy where I am, I would just be alot happier if I had the ability to fly back and see everyone whenever I wanted.

Mom and Juby,

Please give Gelly hug for me? I had a sad dream the other night that she was all grown up and I didn't know her anymore. Oh, and Father died in my dream too and what was really weird was that the people at St. Bridgets wouldn't let me sing in the choir with you guys... Anywho, I hope you are still saving a place for me there, but that I won't need it for any funerals. Missing you all so much, not to mention the Easter Feast with Honey Backed ham and jello eggs! I will instead be eating something half cooked from a beach fire.


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Eamon said...

Hey havilah, will you be in Paris this weekend? If so I would love to meet up with you...i wrote you a rather long email explaining our plans...drop me line if you can...

thanks much and i hope your easter is going well...